Yard Sale Deals

Check out the Yard Sale Deals from this weekend!

Whether you call them Garage Sales or Yard Sales, we all know that they are a great way to save a ton of money.  Every once in a while you can find a terrific deal on something great!  Check out some of the deals we scored this past weekend.

For Saturday 6/1/13, we were able to find some awesome deals!  I figure we saved more than $550 this week!

Top Yard Sale Deals for 6/1/13

Item  New Price Yard Sale Price Final Price Paid Amount Saved % Off
JVC Stereo Receiver  $225  $5  $3  $222 99%
Black Coach Purse (Hobo)  $175  $3  $3  $172 98%
Girls Bike (Little Mermaid)  $60  $1  $1  $59 98%
New Balance Boys Shoes  $50  $2  $1  $49 98%
GoldStar Microwave  $60  $5  $3  $57 95%
Total Saved =  $559


Top Yard Sale Deals for 6/1/13 – The Details

Yard Sale Deals - JVC Receiver

I’ve been looking for speakers for my son’s computer for several weeks now.  It so happened that one of my wife’s friends gave her some old speakers with the two wire (vs. computer speakers) a couple of weeks back.  We didn’t have a receiver, so they had just been sitting around.  Well, the second house we stopped at had this little baby.  The lady said she wanted $5 for it.  I was able to snag it for $3!  I hooked it up to the computer with the speakers and it works great! A savings of $222!




Yard Sale Deals - Coach Purse

My wife found this Coach purse (Hobo) marked for $3.  From the looks of it, it seems authentic…  The leather smells real, there is an ID tag inside with the number, and all the stitching seems super high quality.  From the best we could tell, this would retail new for $175.  She didn’t try to negotiate the price on this and got it for $3, or 98% off!











This was the last deal we found before we had to rush off to the kids soccer games.  For some reason I didn’t even see it when I was looking through the items at this house.  As we were about to leave my wife pointed out the $1 bike.  Our daughter already has a bike, but it is getting a bit small for her.  This one was a little dirty, and the training wheels were messed up, but for $1 it was hard to pass up.  I cleaned it up, pumped the tires full of air, and removed the training wheels.  We tried it out that day and it worked fine.  Savings of $59!







My wife found these shoes for our son.  There are probably in a 9/10 condition and were marked for $2.  She asked the lady if she would take $1, and she obliged.  Cool shoes for 98% off!  Also, his favorite color is orange, so double win!










Yard Sale Deals - Microwave

This was for resale at my Mother-In-Law’s thrift shop.  We don’t need another microwave, but a good deal would make a good return at the shop.  The lady wanted $5 for it, but she took $3.  This is a savings of $57.  This one is cool because my Mother-In-Law can sell microwaves for ~$30, so she’ll actually make money (or 1000% ROI on the $3!!!)






How about you folks reading?  Did anyone here score some sweet deals this weekend?  If you don’t have yard sales (garage sales) as part of your Saturday morning plans, what are you waiting for???