I’ve Joined the Yakezie Challenge!

I've Joined the Yakezie Challenge

I’ve Joined the Yakezie Challenge

I just recently decided to join the Yakezie Challenge and set the goal to try and get my Alexa ranking below 100,000 in the next 6-months!

I’ve Joined the Yakezie Challenge! – What Is It?

Well, that’s exactly what I’ve been wondering over the past couple of weeks/months.  I’ve stumbled across dozens of sites that have claimed to join the challenge, but I could never really figure out or understand exactly what this meant.  I guess I’m just a little slower than your average blogger?!?

Well as I understand it, here is what you’re basically comitting to if you decide to take on the Yakezie challenge:

  1. Focus on creating great content 2-4 times a week on your site.
  2. Work to actively promote other’s blogs and build relationships

I’ve Joined the Yakezie Challenge! – What Were the Steps to Get Started?

  1. Install the Alexa Toolbar.
  2. Commit to write 2-4 blog posts a week on my site.
  3. Install the Yakezie Challenge badge.
  4. Announce that I’ve joined the challenge (hence this post).
  5. Selflessly promote others and build relationships.
  6. Stay committed and consistent over the next 6-months.
  7. Introduce yourself at the Yakezie Challenger’s Forum.
  8. Assess progress after 6-months to determine if you can become a member.

I’ve Joined the Yakezie Challenge! – What’s Next?

Well, I’ve realized that I need to do a much better job of promoting other’s blogs in the personal finance arena.  Have you ever heard the saying that fast is slow and slow is fast?  I’ve been kinda selfishly trying to promote my own blog without helping others out on their own journey.  I’m trying to take the fast road and it isn’t moving all that fast :-)  I need to slow down and change my approach a bit by linking to other’s blog posts and promoting other’s content.

This insight was there for me to see the whole time, but I didn’t pick up on it until recently.  One of my most trafficked pages is actually a link to another blog’s topic with my own two cents thrown in as discussion.

I’ve Joined the Yakezie Challenge! – Are You a Blog Owner?

If you are a blog owner and you haven’t decided to take the Yakezie challenge yet, what are you waiting for?  Click the Yakezie Challenge Badge on the right or click here to learn more.  Good luck!  If you have any questions on the Yakezie Challenge let me know, and I’ll be happy to answer them!


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    Awesome to hear you joined the challenge Derek. I’ve considered joining many times but I’ve never had the time to stay that consistent with it.

    • says

      Chris, thanks for stopping by! It took a while to really figure out what it was all about -I guess I’m slow… Hope you can find some time to give it a shot down the road :-)

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